At Narrowhill international, we offer the following services to our students and prospective clients.

Overseas Education Placement

We source and recruit students for our partner institutions into the various stages of programs I.e. Foundation, Undergraduates, Pre-Masters, Masters, Doctoral and Post-doctoral programmes.


To ensure accurate advice on best courses, schools and countries for our prospective students. We start by conducting a comprehensive profiling exercise by assigning a counsellor to applicant based on academic qualification, career goals and financial capabilities. The counsellor will then help choose the right course in consonance with client’s aspirations.

Country/School/Course selection:

Overseas education does not come cheap. Our highly trained counsellors help our prospective clients make informed decisions based on interest and goals by ways of shortlisting a number of schools and countries and cost implications after analyzing clients profile/financial muscles. Our clients will in turn discuss it with guardian before making the final decision

Application Review:

This is when our prospective clients’ credentials are collected and reviewed and the clients creates time to sit with our dedicated counsellor for proper review and also ensure that all details are accurate before submission.

Visa Advisory Service

At Narrowhill International, we offer visa advisory service free of charge (All our services to our students are free)

The first step towards getting students visa approved after getting offer letter from our partner institutions is to provide the right/required and appropriate document. Narrowhill international dedicated staff will carefully review our client’s application.

Prospective clients are responsible for writing and providing their documents. We revise and improve the content to make it professional and presentable.

Interview Preparation: At Narrowhill international, we organize interview preparatory classing for our clients (prior to this we do our credibility and background checks for all our prospective clients) and it is conducted by professionals based on our awareness of likely questions

Other Services

Market intelligence reports to our partner Institutions.
We act as liaison between parents, students and our partner institutions
Flight Booking/Chaperoning
On request, we help our clients with their flight booking and chaperoning
Academic Counselling
We offer all our students (old/new) counselling on how to navigate their ways throughout the duration of their studies without hiccups
Document Renewal Support
On request, we provide support for our students/clients throughout the duration of their study. This include study permit, visa renewal etc.
Pre-Departure Briefing
With the term of our highly trained and dedicated professionals, we generate and develop productive business ideas for would be entrepreneurs and also offer skill acquisitions training for clients.