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What countries/Institutions does Narrowhill International work with?

We work with many countries however we have developed unique expertise with the visa application procedures for the following countries: United Kingdom, USA, Europe, Canada and China.

What is the study cost for University

The cost of tuition for each University is different. It can range from nothing (for full scholarship recipients) to the full tuition costs. It is not uncommon for applicants to secure partial or full scholarship when they apply through us.

Am I guaranteed a Visa after getting an offer?

To a large extent, visa applications completed by us have very high chances of approval as we diligently evaluate each application to ensure that it meets all the stipulated requirements. However, the final decision of visa approval is not made by us.

What happens when I don’t get offer from my choice institution?

Many a time prospective students do not get offers because of late submission, unconvincing letter of intent and recommendation. The candidate might choose to reapply when these conditions and documents are available or apply to another institution. In either case, we are always ready to help.

I have been refused visa, can you help?

In short, Yes. In most cases visa refusal might happen with an omission of just one document. In the refusal letter, the reason for the refusal is stated. This letter is should be kept as it is needed when making an appeal, if you decide to, or resubmission and applying for visa to another country. Whatever be your situation, contact us as soon as possible. In cases of long term ban from entering a country, getting a visa to that country might be impossible when your ban is still active but we can help with getting visa to another country.

I have a history of overstaying/travel ban from a country?

We can also help but you should contact us on any of our helplines so we can understand the peculiarities of your situation.

What about my accommodation after getting an offer and visa?

Most institutions offer accommodation on-campus or through a network of off-campus accommodation.

Can you help me in finding a course and securing a place in university?

Yes, we have maintained a steady record of securing the right course and a place in university for candidates interested in foundation, undergraduates, postgraduates and research programs.

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