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Welcome to Arizona State University

Arizona state university is a new kind of university, dedicated to innovative ideas and academic excellence to help you get where you want to be in life. At ASU, you are joining a community of scholars from around the world.

– Courses are taught by a student-focused faculty that includes Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer prize winners and Fulbright Scholarship.

– Knowledge delivery goes beyond traditional methods, putting students in the middle of active learning experiences.

– Many students have opportunities to work with professors as team members on significant research projects.
ASU is all about inclusion. We believe in it so much that we put it in our university charter.

You will thrive in this environment of innovation, excellence and inclusion which in turn will prepare you to thrive throughout your life.

The wide range of options we offer to international students can be accessed via our global partner, kaplan international.


Arizona State University

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  • Location: USA

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