About The Institution

The University of Sydney is one of the world’s leading, comprehensive research and teaching universities – we sit in the top one per cent of universities worldwide.

Our community – which stretches across the globe – includes more than 60,000 students, 3000 academic staff, and 300,000 alumni.

Leadership has always been at the core of our values. We were one of the first universities in the world to admit students solely on academic merit and to open our doors to women on the same basis as men. Our aim is to make lives better not just by producing leaders of society, but through equipping our people with the qualities that allow them to serve all of our communities at every level.

In creating the first university in Australia in 1850, our founders recognised the power of education to inspire positive change. We hold that belief just as strongly today.

The Sydney Undergraduate Experience

The world is changing, and university education needs to change as well. We’ve reimagined the Sydney Undergraduate Experience – the way we teach and the way you’ll learn – to prepare you for a future full of possibilities.

Throughout our lives, we’re taught important lessons. We learn how to talk, to write, even how to behave. But not everyone has been taught how to unlearn. To be brave enough to question the world, challenge the established, demolish social norms and build new ones in their place. So we’ve been doing some unlearning of our own.

Every Sydney student will graduate with the confidence and ability to think critically, collaborate productively and influence the world.

University of Sydney

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  • Location: Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia
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